Adding a Database in VestaCP

In most cases if you are setting up a CMS or script you will need a database. Vesta hosting panel makes it easy to add a database.

To create a database

1. Log in to your web hosting panel as the “admin” user

2. Navigate to

user > yourwebuser > log in as (yourwebuser) > db > add database

3. Fill in all of the database details

  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Either fill in the password or click to generate one. The prefix is automatically added once the database is created.
  • Keep the database user, name and password for use in your script web installer.
  • Click “Add” button

You’ll receive an email with the log in details, including a link to the phpMyAdmin panel. Keep those details in a safe place as you’ll need them to log in and for script installation for the database.

The database information needed by CMS/scripts is normally the following:

  • Hostname (in most cases this is set as “localhost”)
  • Database name
  • Database user
  • Database user password

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