BryZar Hosting Quick Guide

Setting up hosting is very simple with BryZar. Follow these easy steps to get up and running quickly.

You’ll first need to be logged in to your BryZar account dashboard.

  1. Create a Server
  2. Set your DNS or nameservers
  3. Upload your site/script files

Create a Server

1. Click “Create a server” in the left menu.

2. Fill in the “Server Label.” This only shows to you and just distinguishes between each of your servers in case you have more than one.

3. Fill in the “Primary Domain.” This is not for a subdomain. Those are added in the Vesta Hosting Panel.

4. Select a hosting plan.

5. Choose a datacenter. Choosing one closest to you is recommended.

6. Click “Submit” and the server will be in process to set up. Once done, you will receive one or more emails from the system for the server details.

Set the DNS or nameservers

Once the server is ready, you need to set your DNS record to your server’s IP or use our Managed DNS.

Using our Managed DNS

Follow these steps to use our DNS.

  • Log in to your account and go to “Manage DNS.”
  • Add a zone/domain.
  • You will need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar to the assigned nameservers provided in “Manage DNS”. (example:,

Note: Once you make changes to your domain nameservers, it may take up to 72 hours to fully propagate. In most cases it takes less than 24 hours depending on your domain registrar.

Using your Domain Registrar’s DNS

If you want to use the DNS at your domain registrar (such as Godaddy), follow these steps:

Add an “A” record using your domain registrar’s DNS

Type: A
Value: your_server_ip_address
TTL: 1800

Type: A
Value: your_server_ip_address
TTL: 1800

Note: For TTL you can set it as low as 300 if your DNS allows it for faster propagation then later change it to 7200 or higher.

Upload your site/script files

Using your FTP details you can upload your files to your site.

The FTP details were sent to your email when you created the server.

FTP HOST: your_server_ip
FTP User: your_FTP_username
FTP Password: your_FTP_password

Your site directory should be here


Note: Make sure to delete the default files (eg. index.html, robots.txt) created by the server before uploading your files.

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