BryZar Billing System

Bryzar billing system works on Credits/Funds. Whether you are purchasing Managed Website Services, Managed Hosting, or Professional Services you’ll need to use Credits/Funds in order to purchase those services. This tutorial will explain what Credits/Funds are, how to purchase them and how to use them.


How do I Add Credits/Funds?
  1. To add Credits/Funds to your account, log in to your dashboard and click Add Credits/Funds.
  2. Enter the amount of funds you want to add and click “Submit.”
  3. Once you submit the amount, you’ll be taken to the PayPal screen to pay. Click “Purchase with PayPal.”
  4. Follow the steps at PayPal to finish making the payment and once completed it will show the Credits/Funds in your account dashboard as soon as PayPal sends the funds to BryZar. In most cases this is instant. At times, depending on your PayPal account, it can take longer. This is completely controlled by PayPal.
How Server Billing Works

Each server is billed on a daily usage basis. Invoices are generated every 30 days and are emailed to the email on file. You are responsible to ensure your hosting is paid. As you will receive a few notices of billing and reminders, please be sure to whitelist our email and check spam folders for communications from BryZar.

Servers that are powered off will still get billed.

Pay only the number of days you use:

If you resize a server or change your plan, you get a rebate on the unused days base on the daily rate. The new billing cycle is applied to the new server. There will be no rebates for cancelled servers due to unpaid bills. Only Cloud Servers have rebates on destroy for unused days. Storage Servers, File manager and other hosting add ons that are on a monthly billing cycle do not have rebates upon destroy.

If your plan is under promo or discounted rate such as quarterly, semi-annual or annual, the system will calculate based on a daily rate.

Transferring Site/Server to Another Account:
If you are transferring a site or server to another account your outstanding balance will be carried over to the new account if your balance is negative.

How Services Billing Works

For our Managed Website Services or our Professional Website Services, our billing works on an “as needed” basis. You purchase the services as you need them. More details below.

Managed Website Services

These are billed based on your plan. Managed Website Service Plans have a specified amount of days. When you purchase one of these plans, it will remain active for the set amount of days. Once expired, you would need to purchase it again in order to activate the service.

Professional Website Services

These are one time services that you can purchase with credits. Once the task is completed, if you need it again you would purchase it again. You can add the exact amount of credits you need to purchase the service or you can add more credits to your account in case you’ll want other services later. All credits added would remain on your account for use when you need them.

BryZar partners with ScriptTechs. If you have questions about tutorials or want to request more tutorials, please feel free to either use our support desk or post at the ScriptTechs’s forum.


Our billing system automatically sends billing notifications. However we cannot guarantee email delivery to your inbox. Please check your spam folder. You are responsible for your invoices/billing with or without notice.

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