Referral and Credit System

Credits Types

1. Regular Credits/Funds

2. Affiliate Credits

  • Credits earned from affiliate/referrals.
  • Can be withdrawn or transferred to affiliate’s PayPal account.
  • No expiration.

3. Free Credits

  • Free Credits can be used as a discount on products and free tier.
  • Not convertible to cash, cannot be withdrawn.
  • Expiration depends on settings or promo.

How to earn

  1. Referrals will enter/use the Affiliate Code to get $50 Free Credits.
  2. Affiliates get $25 Affiliate Credits and $25 Free Credits for each successful referral.
    • Affiliates get the $25 Free Credits once the referral has verified payment.
    • Affiliates get the $25 Affiliate Credits once the referral has reached at least $25 in spending. This means that they added at least $25 funds and have consumed at least $25 in total products not counting the discounts and free credits.


Affiliates can request payout for Affiliate Credits to their PayPal account.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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