Website Migration

We offer Free Website Migration on selected hosting plans. If your plan is qualified for free site migration you should see the Site Migration service added in your account. To request migration service you can submit a support ticket.

Our Site Migration services is only for clients with hosting from us.

Site Migration Requirements:

  • Size: up to 10GB
  • your old host/server  IP
  • FTP/SSH and MySQL port
  • SSH/FTP/SFTP/SCP login (SSH access is preferred)
  • Database access – phpmyadmin or MySQL user/password

For large sites please submit a ticket.

Note: Your old server/host must have open ports for FTP/SSH/MySQL. If your old host/server has a firewall please contact your old host to open the ports.

Migration time depends on the size of the site and access to your current server. Usually it takes longer with sites under shared hosting. Therefore, there’s no specific time frame as there are a lot of things that affect migration. Usually it takes less than 24 hours for small sites with root access and good connectivity between servers. For medium or bigger sites it can be from 24 hours or longer.

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