Limited Offer – SocialEngine Free Hosting Terms

For a limited time BryZar is offering three months of free hosting for up to ten clients. These hosting accounts are only available under the following conditions:


  • Three(3) months Free VPS Hosting worth $75
  • Only for the first ten(10) clients
  • Promo ends on June 20, 2019


  • Cloud 2GB (2GB RAM, 2 cores, 30GB SSD, 2TB Bandwidth)
  • Original Price: $25/month
  • This Promo is only available for the following Data Centers: Dallas, Los Angeles, Germany, London, Amsterdam


  • Any client with a new purchase of SEPHP Advanced Package. This must be verified with SocialEngine. By signing up for the free hosting, you give BryZar and SocialEngine permission to verify your SocialEngine license purchase.
  • Must not be an existing client of BryZar.
  • BryZar will require a one-time PayPal verification of ($2 USD). This is to prevent fraudulent accounts and confirm a valid PayPal account exists for when the free hosting ends.

Terms and Conditions:

  • One(1) month is equivalent to 30 days.
  • Three(3) months will be 90 days.
  • Terms and Conditions of BryZar will apply.
  • Client can only get the promo once.
  • After three(3) months BryZar will charge the original hosting plan price.
  • BryZar has the right to discontinue the service to a client if the service is not in use.
  • The service/account/promo is non-transferable.
  • If the client has a Free Trial or gets the free trial then only two(2) months will be provided for the Promo.

To get started:

Please create an account at BryZar and then submit a ticket to our support.

Using Softaculous

Softaculous is a great tool for installing website software. It has over 400 scripts for you to easily install. Follow these steps to use Softaculous.

We recommend that you have SSL installed on your domain before proceeding.

  1. Log into Vesta.

2. Click “Apps” in the top menu.

3. You’ll be brought to the Softaculous page that lists all of the available software that you can install.

4. Choose the software you want to install. For this tutorial, we’ll install WordPress.

5. Hover the mouse over the WordPress icon and click “Install.”

6. Choose the software setup you want. We recommend keeping it https secure. To install in the root (public_html) which is recommended, delete “wp” from the “In Directory” line, leaving it blank. When choosing the domain, be extra careful to choose the right one if you have more than one domain on the server.

7. Enter your site name and description.

8. Add your admin details. We recommend clicking to generate a random password. Be sure to copy down the details.

9. Choose your language and select your plugins.

10. To setup the database with the install, click Advanced Options. You can select for WordPress, plugins and themes to automatically update if you want to save the hassle of upgrading each time there’s a release.

Do not select the automatic backups. You already have free offsite backups with BryZar hosting. Setting the backup setting here can cause issues with your server or corrupt backups.

Before clicking Install, be sure to fill in an email for the details to be sent.

After clicking Install, it will take a few minutes for the software to download to the server. You’ll see a success message once install completes.

SMTP Service

To set up the SMTP service, follow these steps.

  1. When on your dashboard navigate to Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts > Add SMTP Service
  2. Add your sending domains by navigating to Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts > Sending Domains .
  3. Add your DNS. Navigate to Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts and add the DNS records.
  4. Navigate to Manage Mail > SMTP Accounts >Manage SMTP Users and add your SMTP users.

SocialEngine Trial Setup and Terms

BryZar offers free hosting for 30 days for SocialEngine trial clients per the terms and details below.


  1. Trial accounts will not have server or database access.
  2. Only one trial per client is allowed.
  3. BryZar hosting terms and privacy conditions apply to these trial accounts.
  4. If the 30 day trial expires with SocialEngine without purchase of a license, the website will be deleted.
  5. Trial websites can be converted to paid hosting with BryZar without loss of data if a SocialEngine license is purchased within the trial period. Upon conversion to paid hosting, server and database access will be sent via email.
  6. The trial server requires you to have a domain for the trial site.
  7. By creating a trial, you agree and acknowledge that your name, email and domain name will be shared with SocialEngine.
  8. By creating a trial, you agree and acknowledge that should you purchase a paid license and choose to host with us your license will be validated in order to unlock the trial to fully licensed site. This validation is automatically performed when you enter your paid license ID and is checked via API with SocialEngine. During the check, your name, domain and email will be validated against the information at SocialEngine.
  9. Domain verification is required to prevent abuse of the free service.
  10. Within the trial period your domain/subdomain used for the trial site should always point to the server IP, or have the value of the server IP. We have the right to cancel the server or site if the domain/subdomain has been redirected to another service.
  11. The domain/subdomain should not use proxy to redirect to the server IP. If you are using Cloudflare you should disable the “cloud” icon.
  12. The domain cannot be a free domain. (Example: .tk unless you live in Tokelau). Contact our support if you live in a location that has free TLD.

Trial Setup:

Please follow these steps to set up your SocialEngine trial and free 30 day hosting account. Please note that instructions were sent to your email. If you didn’t see them, please check your spam folder and whitelist in order to receive important hosting details.

  1. Create an account at .
  2. Create a server in your account. Select “SocialEngine Hosting” when creating the trial server.
  3. After creating the server you will need to verify your domain under “TOOLS”.
  4. Once the domain has been verified, BryZar will then create the trial server and website then the login details will be sent to your email address.
  5. You’ll need to change your DNS or nameservers to point your domain to the server IP. DNS propagation may take a couple of hours or within 24-72 hours depending on your domain registrar. Once the DNS has propagated you can then see your site.

Note: If you want to use a subdomain for your trial site please submit a support ticket and we can change it to your preferred subdomain.

Upgrading your server and SocialEngine License

  1. Purchase a SocialEngine License from
  2. Create a new server from the client dashboard and choose your plan.
  3. Submit a support ticket for site migration and include your SocialEngine license in the ticket.


You need to purchase a SocialEngine license and upgrade your server before the trial expires. Once the trial expires the server will be deleted including all data and your trial site.

Free Trial Terms and Details

BryZar offers Free Trial Hosting and Services to test our platform.

Free Trial Hosting and Services:
  1. You cannot resell/transfer the Free Trial Hosting and Services.
  2. This is on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Free trial is subject to approval.
  4. Only one(1) Free Trial plan per account.
  5. Trial Hosting is only for 7 days from activation.

Migrating WordPress

If you want to migrate your WordPress site to your new server with BryZar, here’s how to do that. We also offer free migration services.

  1. Create your site in VestaCP. Remember to create a new user for each site you make. This is best for security.
  2. Create a database.
  3. Upload the files via FTP. When you created your site, you would have gotten the FTP details via email.
  4. Import your database.
  5. Change your database config in your wp-config.php file for the database username, password and database name to your new database details. It’s normally not necessary to change the hostname unless it is something other than “localhost”.

That’s it! You should be all set. However, if you have any issues feel free to contact our support.

Easy SSH with SCP Programs

If you need more options than general FTP offers, SCP programs are a good alternative for those not familiar with SSH. This tutorial will give a general idea of how to use SCP programs.

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Sync Email to Outlook, Apple Mail or Others

After you’ve set up your Email account, you may want to connect your email program such as Apple mail, Outlook or others to it in order to download your emails.

First, you’ll need the details that were emailed you when you made your email account that you want to connect to. If you don’t have those, log into your mail server and in the Mail tab, find the domain you set up and click List Accounts. Find the user you want to use and edit it. The details will be found there on the right of the screen.

Apple Mail:

  • Open your apple mail app.
  • Click Mail > Add Account.
  • Choose “Other Mail Account” and click Continue.
  • Fill in the details for the name, email, password and click “Sign in”.
  • Fill in the details from the email you got for this user account. Choose the Account Type “IMAP” if you want to delete mails from the server when you delete them locally or vice verse as this will sync the email. If you want to save mails on the server when deleted locally (or vice verse), choose Pop type. Click “Sign In”.
  • IMAP incoming and outgoing mail server details are the IMAP hostname and SMTP Hostname respectively. 
  • If you’ve entered the info correctly, you’ll be prompted to accept the certificate. You should do this as it’s your own server so it’s safe. You’ll then select the apps you allow to use that certificate and click “done”. Test the email and it should be working fine.
  • For POP, the settings are the same as IMAP for the incoming (IMAP hostname) and outgoing (SMTP hostname)

Windows 10 Mail (Outlook):

  • Open outlook and choose Add Account.
  • Choose “Advanced Setup” and choose “Internet Mail.”
  • Fill in the email address,  user name and password.
  • Account Name will be what you want to use to remember what account this is.
  • Incoming Mail server is the IMAP hostname.
  • You can choose IMAP or Pop3 as the account type.
  • Outgoing Mail server is the SMTP hostname.
  • Once you save it, test the mail sending and receiving.

Using SMTP with Outlook for Outgoing Mail

  1. For the account that you want to use SMTP for outgoing mail, click to edit the account and select “Change Mailbox Sync Settings.”
  2. At the bottom of the popup, choose “Advanced Mail Settings.”
  3. Make sure to uncheck “Use same username and password for sending mail” under the Outgoing Mailserver setting.
  4. Enter your SMTP username and password in the input boxes.
  5. Select “Requires Authentication: YES.”
  6. Most if not all ISPs usually block port 25 for SMTP so it will be better to change the SMTP port.
    Go to “Advanced” tab still under “More Settings” window.
    Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587 or 465
    Encrypted Connection: TLS


Browser Warning on Self-Signed SSL

It is common to receive a warning from browsers if you are using a self-signed certificate. You usually see this warning when you are accessing your web panel or file manager. Do not worry.  Your browser is just simply saying they don’t recognize your SSL certificate because it is not issued by a Certificate Authority. Since you are accessing your own server then there’s nothing to worry about as you trust your server.

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Working with Databases in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is used to manage your databases with BryZar hosting. This tutorial will show you the basics for working with phpMyAdmin.

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