Logging in to the ISPmanager Control Panel

Your ISPmanager panel is where you’ll manage files, databases, FTP users, add a website, SSL, and lots more. If you’ve used Cpanel or Plesk before, you’ll find it similar to those.

Details to log into ISPmanager were sent to your email when you created the server.

You can reach the ISPmanager by typing one of the following in the browser address bar:

Replace “your_server_ip” with your actual server ip address or just click the link in the email.


Replace “yourhostname.yourdomain.com” with your own hostname and domain.

Note: You need to have your hostname DNS record set to the server IP in order to use it for the URL.

Changing Panel Settings
If you want to change the language, password, username or other user settings for the panel follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > User settings
    ISPmanager User settings
  2. On the right will be all of the settings available. Change what you want and click “Ok” at the bottom of the page.

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