Enabling SSL in ISPmanager Control Panel

Most modern browsers will block websites not using “HTTPS” security. Here’s how to set SSL to use HTTPS for your website.

Do not do this step until your domain has fully propagated.

  1. When logged in to ISPmanager, navigate to www > www-domains.
    www domains ispmanager
  2. Select the domain that you want to enable SSL for and click Edit.
  3. Select “Secure Connection (SSL)”, “Redirect HTTP-requests to HTTPS,” and choose the type of SSL certificate. We chose “Let’s Encrypt” for this tutorial and recommend that.
    Enable SSL in ISPmanager
  4. Click “Ok” when done.
  5. If you chose Let’s Encrypt, you’ll be brought to a page for more details. If everything looks ok, click “Ok” or change what you want to change and then click “Ok.”

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