Scheduling a Cron in ISPmanager Control Panel

Here’s how to set up a Cron in ISPmanager Control Panel as many scripts require. You’ll need to be logged in to ISPmanager in order to do the following.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard > Scheduler (cron)
    ISPmanager cron menu
  2. Click “Add” at the top of the center column.
    ISPmanager add cron
  3. Fill in the fields for the cron. If you want a report sent, be sure to enter a good email address. This will send details of your cron jobs that you’ve added.
    ISPmanager cron fields
  4. The command would be whatever your script needs. You can get this from your script developer.
  5. Description is optional but helps you to know what this cron does in case you have several crons.
  6. You can use either Basic or Expert mode but if using Expert mode, you will need more details filled in. Only use that if you are familiar with setting up crons.
  7. The Run and Time would have been given by the script developer. Check with them if you don’t know.
  8. Click Ok when done.
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