Restarting Services of Your Server in VestaCP

To restart/stop/start server services such as MySQL, Apache, Nginx and other systems running in your server just log in to your hosting panel and go to “Server”.

500 Internal Server Error

One of the most common issue in hosting is getting the “500 Internal Server Error”. When that happens try to restart your web server (Apache).

server > apache > restart


Database/MySQL crash:

If your database has crashed you can restart “MySQL“.

server > mysql > restart

We recommend to “stop” first the “Apache”, then stop/start the “MySQL”.


Warm Reboot:

To restart the server you can click “Restart” under hostname.

server > yourhostname > restart

If there are issues we suggest to try first to stop/start/restart the Apache and MySQL before deciding to restart the server. If there are still issues then you can try to restart the server.



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