Migrating WordPress

If you want to migrate your WordPress site to your new server with BryZar, here’s how to do that. We also offer free migration services.

  1. Create your site in VestaCP. Remember to create a new user for each site you make. This is best for security.
  2. Create a database.
  3. Upload the files via FTP. When you created your site, you would have gotten the FTP details via email.
  4. Import your database.
  5. Change your database config in your wp-config.php file for the database username, password and database name to your new database details. It’s normally not necessary to change the hostname unless it is something other than “localhost”.

That’s it! You should be all set. However, if you have any issues feel free to contact our support.

Easy SSH with SCP Programs

If you need more options than general FTP offers, SCP programs are a good alternative for those not familiar with SSH. This tutorial will give a general idea of how to use SCP programs.

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Browser Warning on Self-Signed SSL

It is common to receive a warning from browsers if you are using a self-signed certificate. You usually see this warning when you are accessing your web panel or file manager. Do not worry.  Your browser is just simply saying they don’t recognize your SSL certificate because it is not issued by a Certificate Authority. Since you are accessing your own server then there’s nothing to worry about as you trust your server.

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Working with Databases in phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is used to manage your databases with BryZar hosting. This tutorial will show you the basics for working with phpMyAdmin.

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FTP & SFTP Basics

In order for you to upload files to the server, you will need an FTP client software installed on your desktop/computer. If you want to upload via SFTP, you’ll want to use software that supports that.

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Changing PHP settings

There are some ways to change the values of your PHP settings. The easiest way is through your site htaccess or adding php.ini in your site directory.

The first thing you need to know is the PHP info. To know the PHP default values just create/upload a file in your site folder containing the phpinfo() code/function then load it in your browser.

1. Create a file in your local then name it as “myphpinfo.php”.

2. Insert/Paste the following code

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

3. Upload the file inside your “public_html” folder


4. Go to your browser address bar then type


Note: Once you are done checking the values you need it is recommended to delete this file from your site.

To change the PHP values:

1. Create “.htaccess” file in your local.

Important: If there is already an .htaccess file in your site it is recommended to use it and just edit from your local.

2. Insert the code in your htaccess depending on what you want to change.

Increase the upload size value:

php_value upload_max_filesize 20M
php_value post_max_size 20M
php_value max_input_time -1

Increase memory limit:

php_value memory_limit 256M

Increase max execution time:

php_value max_execution_time 300

3. After making the changes in your htaccess you can upload/replace the file in your site.


Free Email Service Details

The Free E-mail Service is to provide managed hosting clients with simple e-mail services. You can use it to host your e-mail. We suggest to use this service for general purposes only ( eg. e-mail verification).  Web servers should only be used to host your websites. It is recommended to host your email on a separate environment. Should you need to reinstall your web server or restore from backup, your emails will still be available.

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BryZar Hosting Quick Guide

Setting up hosting is very simple with BryZar. Follow these easy steps to get up and running quickly.

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