FTP & SFTP Basics

In order for you to upload files to the server, you will need an FTP client software installed on your desktop/computer. If you want to upload via SFTP, you’ll want to use software that supports that.

Here are some FTP software programs:

To use the FTP software you will need FTP account info from your server/host.

The FTP user was sent to your email when you created the server.

  • HOST = This can be your server IP, hostname or a subdomain (eg “”)
  • Username = You can use your hosting panel username or create another FTP account from your hosting panel.
  • Password = Your FTP account password.

The site directory should be

Note: Make sure to delete the default files (eg. index.html, robots.txt) created by the server before uploading your files.

Using SFTP

Before using SFTP, you’ll need to enable SSH for your user in Vesta panel:

  1. Login in to Vesta using the admin user.
  2. For the user you’ll want to use WinSCP or another program with, edit the user. 
  3. Allow SSH Access = Bash
  4. Once that’s done, open Filezilla or whatever program you use and for the Protocol, select SFTP and use the details that were emailed to you for your FTP user.
  5. Please ensure that you set the SSH Access to “nologin” once you are done each time with SFTP or other programs. It is important for security.

Change the password of web/ftp user:

  1. Log in to your Vesta hosting panel using your “admin” user.
  2. user > (web/ftp user) > edit



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