Upload or Extract Files with ISPmanager Control Panel

The file manager in ISPmanager can be used to upload, unzip/extract, delete, move and create files or folders. You’ll need to be logged into ISPmanager in order to do the following.

  • Navigate to Dashboard > File Manager
Uploading Files

We recommend using FTP to upload files. However, if you just need to upload a small file, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the folder where you want to upload files. To find your website folder, it will be under the “www” directory and then the domain name.
  2. Click the upload button which appears above the directory listing.
    ISPmanager Upload File
  3. Choose the file type (from your computer or from a URL) and file. Click “Ok” when ready to upload.
    ISPmanager choose file
Unzipping or Extracting Files

If you’ve uploaded a zip or other file, you can extract it easily in the file manager.

Click the compressed file and then click the Extract button that appears above the list of files.
ISPmanager extract file

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