Creating a Directory or Subdirectory in ISPmanager Control Panel

Creating directories or subdirectories is a simple process in ISPmanager.

Creating a Directory
  1. Once logged in to ISPmanager, navigate to Dashboard > File Manager.
  2. Open the “www” directory by double clicking on it. This is where your domain(s) will be found.
    root www ISPmanager
  3. Open the domain in which you want to create a directory. For this tutorial, we’ll create a subdirectory for WordPress named “wp.”
  4. Click “Add” at the top of the columns.
    Create Directory ISPmanager
  5. For “Type” choose “Directory” and for “Name” we chose “wp” but you can choose the name you want and then click the “OK” button when done.
    Name Directory ISPmanager
Deleting a Directory

Select the directory you want to delete and click “Delete” at the top of the page.
Delete directory ISPmanager