Free Credits

You can get free credits by entering a Promo Code in the credits section from the dashboard.

dashboard > credits

  • You can only get Free Credits once.
  • To use the Free Credits in a plan, you need to get the Free Credits before purchasing a service/server.
  • You can apply Free Credits on plans that are applicable.
  • To see the applicable credits, once you try to create a server you should see, for example, “$5 cr/mo”.
  • If the plan price is $25/month and the applicable credits is $5/month, then your invoice will only be $20/month.
  • Free Credits will automatically apply on your monthly invoice if you have available/active Free Credits.
  • Once your Free Credits have expired or drained, then the monthly invoice will go back to original price.
  • Free Credits are not exchangeable for cash.

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