Using BryZar Cloud Apps

The BryZar Cloud Apps can take 2-24 hours to be set up, depending on your order. Once you receive the server details in your email, you’ll need to set your DNS records or use BryZar DNS servers. Propagation of the DNS can take 24-28 hours.

Here’s how to work with the BryZar Cloud Apps:

1. Uploading Files

  • You can access or upload files in Cloud Apps using SSH/SFTP.
  • You can also use web based SFTP such as MonstaFTP ( or a file manager such as Extplorer (

2. Managing Database

  • To access your database you can connect via cli.

    # mysql -h yourdbhost -u youruser -p
  • You can use web based tools such as Adminer ( to manage your database easily.

Note: The database can only be accessed through the app server. You cannot access the database remotely.

3. Adding cron job

  • You can add cron jobs through cli.

# crontab -e

If you need any help with cron jobs, or if you have any questions please feel free to open a ticket.

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