Bryzar Premium Email

Here’s how to set up the BryZar Premium Email service.


  1. Create a Premium Email Service
  2. Add your mail domain
  3. Add the MX and TXT records in your DNS
  4. Setting up the Mailbox
  5. Activation of Spamexperts

Step One – Create a Premium Email service

  • Log in to the Bryzar client dashboard.
  • Navigate to My Account > Add Service > Premium Email.

NOTE: If you are only adding mail domains on your existing Premium Email Service then no need to do STEP 1. The service account will be manually set up. You will receive the details for the MX and TXT records, as well as the log in for the mail server and anti-spam portal.

Step Two – Add your mail domain

  • Log in to your assigned mail server (
  • Navigate to Mail and click “Mail Domains”.
  • Click “Create Mail Domain”.
    IP Address: receive automatically
    Default Action: Reply Error
    Enable DKIM: Disabled (Note: No need to set the DKIM as it will be set automatically.)

IMPORTANT: If you are adding more mail domains to your Premium Email Service account then you need to submit a ticket for each new mail domain for Spamexperts activation.

Step Three – Add the MX and TXT records in your DNS

  • If using BryZar Premium DNS, follow this tutorial .

    The DNS records are included in the details you received when creating the Premium Email service.

Step Four – Setting up the Mailbox

  • Log into your mail server.
  • Click Mail > Create Mailbox
  • Enter the name for the mailbox such as “info” which would then create an email address of [email protected]
  • You can enter aliases for the mail if you want them. However, we do not allow email forwarding.
  • The password field has a generate capability for generating the password or you can make your own.
  • Once done, click Create. The image below shows the various settings when adding a mailbox.

Step Five – Activation of Spamexperts

After the activation of Spamexperts you will receive the anti-spam account login and the required DNS records.

Replace the MX records you added in step three with the MX records you receive from the Spamexperts activation. No changes need to be done to the TXT records.

Checking and Sending Email

To check mail, you can either use the web interface or an email program. Here’s how:

Using Webmail

To use the web interface, when in the Mail page in your mail server, click Mail Client at the top.

Using SMTP

If you need to use SMTP to send from email clients such as outlook, apple mail, etc., then you will need to create an SMTP account. You can use other SMTP Services or Bryzar SMTP Service.

If using BryZar SMTP, please follow the tutorial to set it up. This is required for sending mail in bulk or more than 10 messages.

Please note that your SMTP user needs to match your mailbox account (e.g. [email protected]).

Using an Email Client such as Apple Mail, Outlook, etc

Note: In order to send mail from an email program, you will need to use an SMTP service. You can use the free BryZar SMTP service or choose another SMTP provider.

To use an email program such as Apple Mail, Outlook, etc follow below. Please note that we do not recommend using Thunderbird as there is a bug that causes issues.

Apple Mail.

  1. Choose Add Account
create email apple
  1. Choose Other Mail Account.
add other email apple
  1. Choose Imap or Pop3 depending on which you prefer. Imap will download the mail and keep it on the mail server, whereas pop3 will download the mail and delete it from the server.
  2. Username: [email protected] (example: [email protected])
  3. Password: this is the password you set when creating the email
  4. Hostname: your email server (example: This will be the same as the webmail domain.
  5. Port (depends on whether you choose Imap or Pop3)Imap: 993
  6. Pop3: 995
  7. Connection Security: TLS/SSL
  8. Authentication: Normal Password
  9. Once saved, if it won’t connect, right click on the mailbox name and choose Edit. This will open advanced settings. You do need to do this step in order to set the SMTP settings.
  1. Choose Server Settings
apple mail server settings
  1. Unclick Automatically manage connection settings
  2. Set the ports to be the same as the settings above.
  3. For Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) set the settings per the SMTP settings from your BryZar SMTP server or your SMTP provider. It’s important to have the sending email the same as the SMTP user name.


  1. Add Mail Account
  2. Enter your email and password and click continue.
  3. If it doesn’t find the correct details as shown above, click Configure Manually.
    1. Make sure the settings match for the port, connection security, and authentication.
    2. Enter the SMTP details from your SMTP host settings in the Outgoing Server configuration.
    3. Make sure Authentication is “Normal”.


  • You cannot forward email as it is not allowed due to spam considerations. It wouldn’t be good if you got spam emails and then forwarded that to your other email such as gmail, as it would cause your email to be marked as spamming and you would get blacklisted. This would cause you to be unable to send mails any longer as gmail, apple, etc would block you.
  • You cannot send more than 10 messages at a time. This is to prevent bottlenecks and possible spam complaints. You cannot send to more than 10 email addresses at a time. Instead, you will need to use an SMTP service, such as the BryZar SMTP, to send mass emails (more than 10 emails at a time).
  • Sending limit is 100 per hour. (Please use our SMTP Service for sending more mails)

BryZar Premium DNS

BryZar Premium DNS is a convenient way for you to manage DNS for your domain. If you need any help in setting up the DNS, please create a ticket and we’ll be happy to assist.

Steps to set up the DNS

You’ll need to be logged in to the DNS manager.

Step One

Add a Zone

  1. Click to register new zone
check mail via webmail
  1. Choose Master Zone
  1. Choose just the two NS, “pns41” and “pns42” , as seen below.
  1. Add your domain and click Create as seen above.
  2. After adding the domain in the DNS you will need to change nameservers at your domain registrar to the nameservers you have selected.

Step Two

Add “A” Records

  1. Add the “A” records by clicking “A” at the top and selecting to Add New Record.
  1. Fill in the details that you received when you set up your server. Leave the TTL as the default setting seen in the image below.

Type: A
Value: your_server_ip_address

Note: You can also add the “www” A record by following the above. For Host, enter www in the Host input box, leave the TTL at default and add your server IP in the “Points to” input box.

Step Three (optional)

This step is only required if you are using our Email services like Premium Email or SMTP Services.

Add TXT Records (for SMTP)

  1. Choose TXT > Add New Record.
  1. Fill in the details that you received when you set up your SMTP server. You can find this info when logged in to the BryZar dashboard > Manage mail > SMTP Accounts. It will show at the bottom under “Follow these steps”.
  1. Leave the TTL as the default setting seen in the image below.

Add MX Records (for Email)

  1. Click “MX” when logged in to the DNS manager and viewing the records for the appropriate domain. Choose to Add New Record.
  1. Fill in the details that you received when you set up your Email. You’ll create two MX records.

Free Trial Terms and Details

BryZar offers Free Trial Hosting and Services to test our platform.

Free Trial Hosting and Services:
  1. You cannot resell/transfer the Free Trial Hosting and Services.
  2. This is on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Free trial is subject to approval.
  4. Only one(1) Free Trial plan per account.
  5. Trial Hosting is only for 7 days from activation.
  6. Once the trial is done, if you want to continue the website you will need to purchase a hosting plan and create a new server. Your site will be migrated to the new server.

Free Email Service Details

The Free E-mail Service is to provide managed hosting clients with simple e-mail services. You can use it to host your e-mail. We suggest to use this service for general purposes only ( eg. e-mail verification).  Web servers should only be used to host your websites. It is recommended to host your email on a separate environment. Should you need to reinstall your web server or restore from backup, your emails will still be available.

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BryZar Hosting Quick Guide

Setting up hosting is very simple with BryZar. Follow these easy steps to get up and running quickly.

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BryZar Billing System

Bryzar billing system works on Credits/Funds. Whether you are purchasing Managed Website Services, Managed Hosting, or Professional Services you’ll need to use Credits/Funds in order to purchase those services. This tutorial will explain what Credits/Funds are, how to purchase them and how to use them.

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