SocialEngine Trial Setup and Terms

BryZar offers free hosting for 14 days for SocialEngine trial clients per the terms and details below. Sign up for your SocialEngine PHP free 14 day trial at BryZar.


  1. Trial accounts will not have server or database access.
  2. Trial websites cannot install third party plugins or themes. Once converted to a paid hosting account and SocialEngine license, themes and plugins can be installed.
  3. Only one trial per client is allowed.
  4. Trials are for testing the script and are not meant for performance and customization. Performance may vary depending on the distance between the server and user.
  5. BryZar hosting terms and privacy conditions apply to these trial accounts.
  6. If the 14 day trial expires with SocialEngine without purchase of a license, the website will be deleted.
  7. Trial websites can be converted to paid hosting with BryZar without loss of data if a SocialEngine license is purchased within the trial period. Upon conversion to paid hosting, server and database access will be sent via email. See details below for upgrading to a paid server.
  8. The trial server requires you to have a domain for the trial site.
  9. By creating a trial, you agree and acknowledge that your name, email and domain name will be shared with SocialEngine.
  10. By creating a trial, you agree and acknowledge that should you purchase a paid license and choose to host with us your license will be validated in order to unlock the trial to fully licensed site. This validation is automatically performed when you enter your paid license ID and is checked via API with SocialEngine. During the check, your name, domain and email will be validated against the information at SocialEngine. If the API with SocialEngine is down or unable to be used, we will require you to provide proof of license purchase.
  11. Domain verification is required to prevent abuse of the free service.
  12. Within the trial period your domain/subdomain used for the trial site should always point to the server IP, or have the value of the server IP. We have the right to cancel the server or site if the domain/subdomain has been redirected to another service.
  13. The domain/subdomain should not use proxy to redirect to the server IP. If you are using Cloudflare you should disable the “cloud” icon.
  14. The domain cannot be a free domain. (Example: .tk unless you live in Tokelau). Contact our support if you live in a location that has free TLD.

Trial Setup:

Please follow these steps to set up your SocialEngine trial and free 14 day hosting account. Please note that instructions were sent to your email. If you didn’t see them, please check your spam folder and whitelist in order to receive important hosting details.

  1. Create an account at BryZar .
  2. Create a server in your account. Select “SocialEngine Hosting” when creating the trial server.
  3. After creating the server you will need to verify your domain under “TOOLS”.
  4. Once the domain has been verified, BryZar will then create the trial server and website then the login details will be sent to your email address.
  5. You’ll need to change your DNS record to point your domain to the server IP address. Once the DNS has propagated you can then see your site.

Note: If you want to use a subdomain for your trial site please submit a support ticket and we can change it to your preferred subdomain.

Upgrading your server and SocialEngine License

  1. Purchase a SocialEngine License from
  2. Create a new server from the client dashboard and choose your plan.
  3. Submit a support ticket for site migration and include your SocialEngine license in the ticket.


You need to purchase a SocialEngine license and upgrade your server before the trial expires. Once the trial expires the server will be deleted including all data and your trial site.

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