BryZar Hosting Quick Guide

Setting up hosting is very simple with BryZar. Follow these easy steps to get up and running quickly.

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BryZar Billing System

Bryzar billing system works on Credits/Funds. Whether you are purchasing Managed Website Services, Managed Hosting, or Professional Services you’ll need to use Credits/Funds in order to purchase those services. This tutorial will explain what Credits/Funds are, how to purchase them and how to use them.

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How to Add a Website in Vesta Hosting Panel

If you want to add another website to your server, this tutorial shows you how to do that. You also need to set the DNS record of the domain name to the server IP address.

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How to Use Vesta Hosting Panel

Your Vesta hosting panel is the server control panel. It is not “Cpanel” as you may be familiar with from other hosts. You can use the this hosting panel to manage your Server , add a Website, SSL, DNS, Mail, Databases, Cron jobs and Backups.

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